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Cosmetology - COS
Cosmetology I
COS 050

This course focuses on professional rules and regulations, shampooing, basic chemistry, hair shaping, bacteriology, facials, scalp treatments, sanitation and safety for students and clients.

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Cosmetology II
COS 052

This course focuses on thermal designing, permanent waving, manicuring, pedicuring, make-up techniques, and hair coloring.

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Cosmetology III
COS 054

This course consists of advanced hair coloring, decolorizing, hair styling, superfluous hair, artificial nails, pH chemistry, and chemical relaxing.

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Cosmetology IV
COS 056

This course focuses on nail structure, including disorders and diseases, dermatology, disorders of the skin and scalp, electricity, artificial hair and advanced chemistry.

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Cosmetology V
COS 058

This course is a study of basic anatomy and the related areas; also retailing, job marketing skills and student-salon internship.

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Cosmetology Clinic
COS 059

Designed for Lake Land College Cosmetology students who have not completed the state required 1500 hours during the regular modules.

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Salon Management
COS 060

Covers areas of opportunity and the outlook for small business managers, success and failure patterns, capital needs and sources, organizing, directing, controlling, finance, locations, facilities, marketing, and inventory control.

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Computer Appl for Cosmetology
COS 061

Provides an opportunity for the student to work with various types of software on the microcomputer. These learning activities include MS Windows, word processing, spreadsheet design, database management, Internet access, and cosmetology specific software.

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Cosmetology Teacher I
COS 076

This course is designed to develop basic cosmetology teaching skills; a study of basic theory and fundamental principles of teaching.

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Cosmetology Teacher II
COS 077

This course provides supervised student teaching; preparation and presentations of lesson plans, evaluation of subject matter, business procedures related to the operation of a cosmetology school.

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Cosmetology Teacher III
COS 078

This course is a continuation of presenting various educational methods: testing student and completing a teaching portfolio.

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