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Law Enforcement - CJS
Criminal Justice Seminar & Internship
CJS 104

Off-campus work experience in the criminal justice field. Students will be assigned to a criminal justice agency(s) and observe the criminal justice field. Open to criminal justice majors only. Subject to internship coordinator and agency approval, including background check. Course Outline

Illinois Concealed Carry Handgun
CJS 056

This course provides required training to individuals who want to pursue a concealed carry permit under Illinois Public Act 98-0063. This is the complete 16 hour course which includes classroom and practical experience on a firing range.

Course Outline

IL Concealed Carry Supplement
CJS 057

This course provides the supplemental eight hour training to individuals who want to pursue a concealed carry permit under Illinois law and have successfully completed an approved training course per Public Act 98-0063.

Course Outline

Police Management & Supervision
CJS 092

This course focuses on organizational and managerial roles in law enforcement. Emphasis is placed on organizational structure, administrative procedures, and enforcement responsibilities.

Course Outline

Introduction to Policing
CJS 080

This course provides an introduction to the police profession by examining the history of policing, the mental and physical requirements for a police officer, and police operational issues. Consideration is also given to current policing trends.

Course Outline

Police Report Writing
CJS 081

This course provides an understanding of the fundamental principles of good writing and effective police reporting by developing a practical, basic understanding to the types of reports and forms commonly used in the field of criminal justice.

Course Outline

Community Policing
CJS 090

This course examines the relationship between police and the community and provides information on how to strengthen that relationship. Strategies for effective community policing are examined.

Course Outline

Ethics in Criminal Justice
CJS 091

This course analyzes various aspects of ethics in the criminal justice system, including the police, the court system, and the correctional system.

Course Outline

CJS 250

This course analyzes criminological theories. Crime in relation to physical and psychological factors, to cultural areas, to the family and to other social institutions will be examined. Consideration is given to professional crime and white collar crime.

Course Outline

Correction Officer/Cycle Trng
CJS 054

Cycle training consists of 40 clock hours of mandatory refresher topics provided by the Department of Corrections. Topics may include: review of administration directives, first aid & safety, security, report writing and legal issues, substance abuse and other related topics.

Course Outline

Spec Prob in Law Enforcement
CJS 064

This course focuses on controversial issues facing the criminal justice and correctional systems such as corruption, brutality, politics, crime prevention, high risk situations, hostage negotiations, protective custody and many others.

Course Outline

Orientation to Corrections
CJS 071

A study of the history of corrections, criminal law, rights of the convicted offender, types of detentions, correctional management, release from prison and juvenile corrections.

Course Outline

Special Topics Correction Mgt
CJS 101

Allows students to identify a current issue in correctional management and develop techniques for improvement.

Course Outline

Intro/Criminal Just
CJS 150

Focuses on an overview of the justice system with emphasis on the total system of police, courts, and corrections.

Course Outline

Criminal Investigation I
CJS 152

Focuses on the fundamentals of investigation, crime scene applications, and investigative techniques and procedures. Upon completion of this course, the student will understand the theory and practicality of investigation from crime scene to courtroom.

Course Outline

Police Operations
CJS 153

This course focuses on the duties and responsibilities of the patrol officer. Topics covered will include routine patrol, traffic enforcement, and officer survival.

Course Outline

Criminal Law
CJS 156

A study of the concept of social order, examining criminal law. Crime is defined and examined as is criminal responsibility, mental state, physical act and other fundamental legal doctrines.

Course Outline

Juvenile Justice
CJS 158

Designed to familiarize the student with development and trends in the juvenile justice system. It includes delinquency prevention, causation of juvenile crime, and treatment and control of the juvenile delinquent.

Course Outline

Criminal Evidence and Procedure
CJS 160

Focuses on the application of Constitutional law. Procedural responsibilities of the police as they apply to the constitutional rights of the individual will be emphasized.

Course Outline

CJS 166

Enables the student to develop an understanding of the current problems in correctional institutions. Sentencing trends, alternatives to incarceration, inmate life of population, and their effect on the system will be examined.

Course Outline

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