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Chemistry - CHM
Organic Chemistry I
CHM 243

Fundamental introduction to organic chemistry including a study of hydrocarbons and alcohols with spectroscopy, stereochemistry, and reaction mechanisms.

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Organic Chemistry II
CHM 244

This course is a continuation of Organic Chemistry I CHM243) with focus on carbonyls chemistry,oxidation and reduction, and biomolecules.

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Organic Chemistry Lab I
CHM 253

Laboratory course introduces synthesis and the basic techniques for the separation, isolation, purification and identification of organic compounds.

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Organic Chemistry Lab II
CHM 254

Laboratory experiments in organic chemistry with a focus on multi-step synthesis.

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Special Topics in Chemical Science
CHM 085

Designed for elementary and secondary teachers to provide an essential background in the application of science to a topic of societal interest. The course may be repeated for credit if a different topic is taught. (Repeatable 3 Times)

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Physical Science II
CHM 101

An introductory discussion of chemical principles. Presents a balance between basic knowledge needed to understand the uses of chemicals and applications of chemicals in everyday life.

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Concepts of Chemistry
CHM 111

An introduction to the concepts of chemistry where information is presented to students with little background or no prior interest in chemistry and those students who are not interested in abstract or mathematical theories.

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General, Organic and Biochemistry I
CHM 120

Fundamentals of inorganic chemistry including history, atomic theory, bonding, stoichiometry, gases, solids, solutions, chemical equilibria, acids, bases, salts, pH, and electrochemistry.

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General, Organic and Biochemistry II
CHM 121

Study of organic and biological chemistry for students in allied health programs, agriculture, forestry, and other majors with comparable requirements.

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General Chemistry I
CHM 150

General principles of chemistry for students majoring in chemistry, engineering or science professions. Topics include atomic theory, bonding, stoichiometry, gas laws and thermochemistry.

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General Chemistry II
CHM 151

Continues the study of general chemical principles. Topics include solids/liquids, solutions, kinetics, equilibrium, thermodynamics and electrochemistry.

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