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Civil Engineering Technology - CET
Data Collection for GIS Mapping
CET 065

This class is designed to familiarize students with the theory of the global positioning system and data collection methods associated with geographic information systems.

Prerequisites: ESC 106 CET 060

Course Outline

3-Day Aggregate for I.D.O.T.
CET 020

This course prepares a student for the I.D.O.T. Level I Hot Mix Asphalt course (CET-029) or the Portland Cement Concrete Level II course (CET-024). (Repeatable 3 Times)

Course Outline

5-Day Aggregate for I.D.O.T.
CET 021

This course prepares a person to work in an aggregate producer's lab on I.D.O.T. QC/QA projects. It can also serve as the prerequisite for IDOT Hot Mix Asphalt Level I (CET-029) course or Portland Cement Concrete Level II course (CET-024).

Course Outline

5-Day Asphalt/IDOT Level II
CET 023

An advanced course covering proportioning, troubleshooting and lay down of hot mix asphalt.

Course Outline

Level II Portland Cement Conc
CET 024

An advanced course covering proportioning of P.C.C. for I.D.O.T. QC/QA projects.

Course Outline

Nuclear Density (IDOT)
CET 026

Upon completion of the course a person is qualified to run a nuclear density gauge on QC/QA asphalt projects. This course covers the use of the gauge and I.D.O.T. paperwork involved. (Repeatable 3 Times)

Course Outline

Mixture Aggregate Tech Upgrade
CET 027

This course serves as an upgrade course for individuals who currently are Mixture Aggregates certified. Upon successful completion, it enables a person to administer the I.D.O.T. QC/QA program for an aggregate producer participating in the Aggregate Gradation Control System. (Repeatable 3 Times)

Course Outline

Level I Hot Mix Asphalt
CET 029

Laboratory testing of HMA using Superpave technology and information on the production of HMA is covered in this course. Successful completion permits a person to do testing associated with contracts let under the QC/QA program.

Course Outline

Level I Port Cement Concrete
CET 030

This course covers the testing of PCC Mix and the basics of the I.D.O.T. QC/QA program as it applies to PCC. Persons completing this course will be able to do the mix testing for PCC on QC/QA projects and will also receive the ACI Level I certification. This course is a combination of CET 035 and CET 036.

Course Outline

CET 031

This course covers the basics of Superpave Mix Design. Persons completing this course will be able to do a mix design for Hot Mix Asphalt.

Course Outline

Level 3 Prtlnd Cement Concrete
CET 039

An advanced course covering concrete mix design for I.D.O.T. QC/QA projects. (Repeatable 3 Times)

Course Outline

Civil Construction I
CET 051

Study of civil construction including types of projects, personnel, equipment, materials, and methods. Blue print reading and specification interpretation for heavy construction is also emphasized.

Course Outline

Civil Construction II
CET 052

Familiarizes the student with basic concepts of construction management with special emphasis on contracts, cost estimating, progress scheduling, engineering economics, and quality control.

Prerequisites: CET 051

Course Outline

Soils + Aggregates
CET 054

Familiarizes the student with basic concepts of construction management with special emphasis on contracts, cost estimating, progress scheduling, engineering economics, and quality control.

Prerequisites: TEC 050

Course Outline

PCC Theory and Design
CET 056

Discussion of concrete through all stages of design, mix, delivery, placement, and curing with special emphasis on design, proportioning, and field testing.

Prerequisites: CET 054 or BCT 050

Course Outline

Asphalt Theory and Design
CET 057

Discussion of asphalt paving from plant to paver with special emphasis on testing and proportioning.

Prerequisites: CET 054

Course Outline

Surveying I
CET 060

Fundamentals of basic surveying operations such as chaining, leveling and use of the transit and the basic calculations associated with these operations.

Course Outline

Surveying II
CET 062

Designed to apply the skills learned in Surveying I to practical problems such as closed traverse, area calculations, land surveying, topographic mapping, stadia surveys, and difficult level circuits.

Prerequisites: CET 060 TEC 052

Course Outline

Surveying III
CET 064

Analysis of horizontal and vertical curves, precise control traverses and leveling. Emphasizes the use of total stations, electronic data collectors, GPS equipment and engineering software.

Prerequisites: CET 062

Course Outline

Supervised Occupational Exp
CET 075

Enables the student to gain on the job experience in Civil Engineering Technology during the summer session.

Course Outline

Supervised Occupational Experience
CET 077

Enables the student to gain on the job experience in Civil Engineering Technology.

Prerequisites: CET 076

Course Outline

Supervised Occupational Exp
CET 079

Designed to provide the student with work experience in the field while maintaining contact with an instructor for review and assistance.

Prerequisites: CET 078

Course Outline

CAD for Civil Engineering
CET 081

A study of Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) related to civil engineering applications.

Prerequisites: CET 082

Course Outline

Civil Drafting
CET 082

Focuses on developing competence in drafting structural and detail drawings with special emphasis on interpreting field data to produce highway construction drawings and specifications.

Prerequisites: CAD 056

Course Outline

CET 087

Fundamentals of statics kinematics and dynamic flow; drainage area and volume of flow calculations.

Prerequisites: TEC 052

Course Outline

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