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Art - ART
Printmaking I
ART 161

Introductory Printmaking course covering various printmaking techniques, such as: Woodcut, Linocut, Etching, Monotype/Monoprint, Collagraph and Silkscreen. Lectures and demonstrations will cover printmaking history and current trends. Competency in drawing and design required, in order to achieve concepts, compositions and craftsmanship.

Course Outline

Painting II
ART 206

This course is a continued study of conceptual and technical aspects of opaque painting media, canvas stretching and framing, composition and styles of expression. Emphasis will be on individual expression through abstracting from observation and utilizing painting as expressive communication.

Course Outline

Drawing I
ART 100

Fundamental concepts and application of techniques of drawing, using a variety of media. Studies from nature and life-leading to an interpretative approach to understanding the visual environment.

Course Outline

2-D Design
ART 110

A comprehensive study of the elements and principles of a two-dimensional design. Experience with a variety of materials and techniques.

Course Outline

3-D Design
ART 111

A foundation studio course concerned with understanding how to manipulate basic elements and principles of design to develop visual images that exist in real space. A variety of experiences using different tools and media will be used to understand both the processes and products of 3-D design.

Course Outline

Fundamentals of Art
ART 165

A comprehensive overview of vocabulary and theories involving the elements and principles of design used in creating visual art with a studio experience geared to students pursuing a child care or elementary education degree.

Course Outline

Drawing II
ART 200

Continued study of concept and technique of drawing; emphasis on developing individual expression through a conceptual approach and drawing from life.

Course Outline

ART 205

Introduction and application to opaque painting media; color mixing, canvas stretching and framing, composition, techniques, and styles of expression.

Course Outline

Ceramics I
ART 225

A studio art course which explores different methods of working with the media clay. The basic hand building methods of pinch, coil, slab and mold and an introduction to throwing pottery on the wheel will be covered as well as instruction on different methods of surface decoration. Developing good craftsmanship as well as creative inventiveness will also be explored.

Course Outline

Understanding Art
ART 250

A survey of the visual arts from Ancient to contemporary times, an understanding the major cultural and historical relationships to the art forms.

Course Outline

Art History I
ART 260

The primary focus of this course will involve an understanding of the historical developments of the visual arts (painting, sculpture, architecture) from Pre-historic through the Gothic period. Works of art will be examined as expressions of ideas, beliefs and practices of artists, cultures and societies. The relationship between the style, symbolism and function of art; the political, religious and philosophical ideas supporting them; and the ideals of the culture that produced them will also be explored.

Course Outline

Art History II
ART 261

The study of the historical development of art from Pre-Renaissance through the 21st Century. Beliefs and practices of cultures and societies will be examined. Style and symbolism combined with political, religious and philosophical traits will be explored through art.

Course Outline

Art and Gender
ART 240

This course will examine the expression of the visual arts through gender, history and culture. The study of art and gender is covered to better understand and define the intent and creation of art forms from ancient to contemporary culture.

Course Outline

Photography I
ART 105

An introductory course that covers the basic principles and techniques of black and white photography including: equipment use, exposure control, film processing and printing, and the aesthetic concerns as a fine art medium.

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