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Requirements for more than one Associate Degree

Students may earn either an associate in science (A.S.) or associate in arts (A.A.) degree, but not both. However, students may earn an associate in science and an associate in engineering science (A.E.S) degree.

Students may earn an associate in applied science degree (A.A.S.) and transfer degree (A.A., A.S. or A.E.S. degree), if they meet the specific curriculum requirements for the A.A.S. degree and complete all the general and specific requirements for the A.A., A.S. or A.E.S. degree as outlined in the section of the catalog for college transfer degree requirements. It is important that students meet with their advisor or counselor because not all courses required in an associate in applied science program are intended for or accepted as transfer credit to senior institutions.

In order for students to be eligible for more than one degree, other than the combination of associate in science and associate in engineering science degrees, they must satisfactorily complete an additional sixteen (16) semester hours at Lake Land College. All specific course requirements for the second degree must be satisfied and at least 16 semester hours not applicable to meet the minimum requirements for the first degree must be earned.

Students who seek a second degree from Lake Land College are subject to published deadlines to file an intent to graduate form.

Required of All Students in Certificate Programs

Students will be eligible for graduation when they have met all of the following requirements:

  1. Met all College admissions requirements.

  2. Fulfilled all general and specific requirements in one of the certificate programs listed in the catalog.

  3. Achieved a “C” average (2.00) in those courses applicable to meet the requirements of the certificates.

  4. Completed at Lake Land College at least one-half of the total number of semester hours required for the certificate and completed at least one course at Lake Land College during the semester the certificate is earned.

  5. Filed a Notice of Intent to Graduate with the Admissions and Records Office by the posted date of the semester in which the student will meet academic graduation requirements.

  6. Students who are currently in the Army, and enrolled in the Army University Access Online Program, should contact Counseling Services to find out what policies and procedures apply. Phone: (217) 234-5232 or email:

NOTE: A student who discontinues attendance for a full year or more will be subject to requirements in the current catalog at the time of registration. The student is responsible for proper registration each semester and for satisfying all graduation requirements.

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