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Degrees and Certificates Awarded

The Associate in Arts or the Associate in Science degree will be awarded to those students who pursue a course of study leading to transfer to a four-year college or university. The requirements for the degree are as rigorous as those at the four-year college or university and upon completion of the requirements students are admitted with junior standing to those colleges and universities that endorse the General Education Compact Agreement sponsored by the Illinois Board of Higher Education. Students may select either the associate in arts or the associate in science degree. Students planning to receive the bachelor of science usually select the associate in science degree and students planning to receive the bachelor of arts select the associate in arts degree.

The Associate in Engineering Science degree will be awarded to those students who pursue a course of study leading to transfer to a four-year college or university with a major in engineering. Degree requirements differ significantly from the associate in arts and associate in science degrees so students need to follow precisely the curriculum model for the associate in engineering science degree. Students interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree in architectural or chemical engineering should consult a counselor before choosing the degree path to follow.

The Associate in Applied Science degree will be awarded to those students who meet the specific requirements based on occupations, semi-technical and technical curricula. Students pursue this degree in order to obtain training for immediate employment in business or industry.

The Associate in Liberal Studies (ALS) degree will be awarded to those students who complete a liberal course of study. The ALS degree provides a student with a unique opportunity to develop an individualized program that crosses traditional academic disciplines. This degree permits a student to develop a learning program that may be focused toward a career, personal interest, and enrichment or a combination of these objectives. For more information, contact the Dean for Continuing Education.

Certificates will be awarded to students who complete the prescribed program model as listed in the catalog. Certificate programs are occupationally oriented and vary from six credit hours to one year of study. Certificate programs requiring less than 16 credit hours are not eligible for federal Title IV financial aid or the Illinois Monetary Award Program grant.



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