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Physical Therapist Assistant (AAS.PTA)

Associate Degree in Applied Science

The Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) is a skilled health employee working under the supervision of a licensed Physical Therapist to provide direct care to patients in a variety of health care settings. The professional care given by the Physical Therapist Assistant focuses on patients of all ages with temporary or permanent functional limitations due to illness, disease or injury. The PTA works closely with patients to restore function, prevent or relieve pain, prevent disability and restore physical coordination, strength and mobility through therapeutic exercise and the application of modalities.

Housed at the Lake Land College Kluthe Center in Effingham, Illinois, the Physical Therapist Assistant program is a five consecutive semester program which includes classroom, skills laboratory and clinical experience in various healthcare facilities. Once admitted to the program, the student must progress through the courses corresponding to the curriculum model. A "C" grade is required in all PTA curriculum courses for progression/completion. The PTA Program at Lake Land College is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE), 1111 North Fairfax Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314; telephone: 703-706-3245; email: ; website:  The PTA Program was initially granted accreditation in 1994, and has been granted reaccreditation in 1999 and 2008.  the next reaccreditation site visit is scheduled for 2018. Students who have successfully completed the program will be allowed to sit for the National Board Examination for Physical Therapist Assistants.

Physical Therapist Assistant application requirements include admission to Lake Land College; completion of the PTA Program application form (obtained from the PTA website); completion of the COMPASS assessment tests (PTA applicants are eligible to take the COMPASS tests more than twice);  and completion of the one (1) Biology prerequisite course (one year high school biology/zoology/A & P, or Lake Land College Basic Anatomy and Physiology (BIO050) or Bio Science I (BIO100) or Human Anatomy and Physiology I (BIO225) or Human Anatomy and Physiology II (BIO226) or equivalent) with a "C" or better within the past five (5) years. It is the responsibility of students to see that their application file is completed by March 1 for consideration for the fall semester. In addition to tuition and fees, costs for the Physical Therapist Assistant program students include: physical examination and immunization, workbooks, criminal background check, drug testing, clinical attire, transportation to clinical experiences (attempts will be made to keep travel distance no greater than 75 miles one way or 1.5 hours) and the board exam/license fee.

Download the PTA Selection Process Sheet and Checklist for complete application procedure

See career track program Physical Therapist Assistant Track (AAS.PTA.TRK) when selecting a major.


Lake Land College has cooperative agreements in place with Parkland College, Richland Community College and Danville Area Community College. 

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For more information contact:
Martha Mioux, Program Director
(217) 540-3551

* There are prerequisites or course requisites for this course
** Electives must be approved by Program Coordinator or Division Chair
one cross Course only offered fall semester
Footnote 2 Course only offered spring and summer semester
Footnote 3 Course only offered spring semester
Footnote 4 Courses offered in odd numbered years only
Footnote 5 Courses offered in even numbered years only
Footnote 6 SOS 050 Human Relations and PSY 271 Introduction to Psychology cannot be used as a social science elective
Footnote 7 Consult Academic Advisor for appropriate course
1 N/A
2 N/A

First Year
First Semester
PTA 080 Fundamentals of PTA I * +
PTA 081 PTA Clinical Practicum I * +
ENG 120 Composition I
BIO 225 Human Anatomy and Physiology I *
PHY 110 Concepts of Physics
  Total Semester Hours:
Second Semester
PTA 082 Fundamentals of PTA II * +++
BIO 226 Human Anatomy and Physiology II *
PED 244 Kinesiology *
PSY 271 Introduction to Psychology
  Total Semester Hours:
Summer Term
PTA 085 PTA Clinical Practicum III * 1
  Total Semester Hours:

Second Year
First Semester
PTA 094 Fundamentals of PTA III * +
PTA 095 Orthopedic Concepts and Applications * +
PTA 097 PTA Clinical Practicum IV * +
HED 178 Responding to Emergencies
SPE 111 Introduction to Speech Communication
  Total Semester Hours:
Second Semester
PTA 096 Fundamentals of PTA IV * +++
PTA 093 Pathology for PTA * +++
PTA 098 PTA Seminar * +++
PTA 099 PTA Clinical Practicum V * +++
PSY 275 Psychology of Maturity and Old Age
  Total Semester Hours:

Total Program Hours: 69

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