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Water Plant Operator (NDP.WPO)


The Public Health courses at Lake Land College each lead to an eight hour certificate as a Water Plant Operator (NDP.WPO) or Waste Water Operator (NDP.WWO). The classes are all lecture/laboratory classes with instructor prepared examinations including a final exam.

The beginning courses WTO 030 and WTO 020 prepare students for the Environmental Protection Agency operator certification exams for Class Four and Class Three licenses in waste water; and Class D and Class C in public water supply operator. These licenses are required in small villages such as Windsor and Stewardson-Strasburg.

The advanced courses WTO 031 and WTO 022 are similar in structure to the beginning courses with instructor prepared exams but these courses prepare students for the Environmental Protection Agency operator certification exam for Class Two and Class One licenses in waste water operator and Class B and Class A licenses in public water operators. Communities such as Sullivan require a Class Two or Class B license. Mattoon, Charleston and other cities which treat over one million gallons daily require a Class One or Class A license.

Environmental Protection Agency examinations are given monthly (first Tuesday) at the State of Illinois office in Springfield and bi-monthly at regional office such as Champaign. A minimum of six months experience is required before a person is eligible to take the state licensure exam. These programs do not qualify for Federal Title IV financial aid or Illinois Monetary Award (MAP).

Program requirements may change over time. Specific degree/graduation requirements are determined by the student's degree audit.

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First Year
First Semester
WTO 020
Basic background in plant operations, including water quality, storage, distribution, chlorination, fluoridation, valves and pumps, chemistry and mathematics. Does not apply to associate degree.

Course Outline

Basic Water Treatment Operator
WTO 022
Basic background in plant operations, including surface water treatment, lime softening, filtration, ion exchange, process waste disposal, chemical treatment and system management. Does not apply to associate degree.

Course Outline

Advanced Water Supply Operator
  Total Semester Hours:

Total Program Hours: 8

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